I am a freelance professional photographer or videographer I need help.

Posted 3/4/2017 2:07:29 AM

Who should I hire? How can I get hired?


Building a scalable and sustainable businesses in the photography and videography industry, is key to growing your business, or said another way growing your income. You need to keep expenses low and have trustworthy people available at the right time.

Three important aspects that should be considered by creative professional contractors and freelancers when it comes to hiring and getting hired are as follows:

  • Reputation
  • Professional Community
  • Availability

Can Vizaphy help you?

Reputation - Vizaphy requires contractors and freelancers to leave feedback for each other's performance on every project. Each provide feedback via our star ratings in key performance areas. Thus building a reputation in a community of professionals like yourself.

Professional Community – We are building a community of professionals that provide detailed profile information to aid in your hiring process. This includes professional experience, equipment familiarity and related certifications.

Availability – We have professionals in our community ready and equipped to help you expand your business when you need it.

Great business relationships are based on accurate and excellent work quality and consistency of communication. Establishing a relationship with a select group of freelancers and contractors can add layers of trust and security for both parties. Vizaphy can help.

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